The Bulletin Edition # 04

The newsletter from CCIPV - 29 Aug 2022

The Bulletin Edition is a weekly newsletter from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal - Vietnam that provides a well-appointed briefing on the latest news, offering a unique and informed view and a swathe of recommendations from our experts about Vietnam and Portugal. We provide industry insights and considered reporting from across both countries. Stay informed and inspired with our bulletin.

Welcome to the last issue of The Bulletin Edition of August!

We start sharing the new sub-page on our website dedicated to the Portuguese Pavilion at GEFE 2022. Be involved here.

Discover a deep market analysis of the bike industry. No country in Europe produces more bicycles than Portugal. But why is the bike industry so strong here? A search for clues on-site leads to the region of Águeda – better known as Portugal’s bike valley.

Last week, Growth Lab at Harvard University presented a new growth projection in The Atlas of Economic Complexity and mentioned that Vietnam is forecast to be among the fastest-growing economies by 2030.

Continuing talking about Vietnam, its cosmetics market is rather young, yet is one of the most dynamic in the region. As living standards in Vietnam grow, Vietnamese consumers are becoming more aware of personal care and beauty products besides satisfying basic needs. With a market value of up to US$ 2.3 billion in 2021, Vietnam Briefing analyses the current situation, opportunities, and challenges for businesses entering this industry.

In regards to Labor Policy, there are many upcoming changes to the regulations on employment and labour at the beginning of July 2022 that will have a direct impact on the lives of every employee in Vietnam. So, what are the new points on labour policy from the beginning of July 2022 in Vietnam? Get to know here.

Last but not least, you can read here the summary of new regulations on solar power projects In Vietnam. Do not forget to read more insides in our special section [what you need to know].

Warm regards.

Sérgio Pereira da Silva


Vietnam forecast to be among fastest-growing countries in next decade: Harvard growth lab