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The Bulletin Edition # 05

The newsletter from CCIPV - 06 Sep 2022

The Bulletin Edition is a weekly newsletter from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal - Vietnam that provides a well-appointed briefing on the latest news, offering a unique and informed view and a swathe of recommendations from our experts about Vietnam and Portugal. We provide industry insights and considered reporting from across both countries. Stay informed and inspired with our bulletin.

Welcome to the first newsletter of September 2022.

Last week, the port of Sines, on Portugal’s southern Atlantic coast, is studying the possibility of transforming a multi-use “jetty” into a terminal for handling renewable gases, with an expected investment of about €20 million.

In Vietnam, one important piece of information. It is in regard to cashless payment. The Standing Economic Committee of the National Assembly released strict regulations on those matters. You can read it here.

EVFTA underpins the continued growth of Vietnam's technology market due to the changes in consumer behaviour and market trends over the past years.

Last but not least, we invite you to be part of the Portuguese Pavilion in GEFE – Green Economy Forum and Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. Be involved here.

Warm regards,

Sérgio Pereira da Silva



The European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham Vietnam) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal - Vietnam (CCIPV) will host the "Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2022" from November 28 to 30 at Sala's THISO SkyHall in Ho Chi Minh City.


Vietnam to release strict regulations on cashless payment

The Standing Economic Committee of the National Assembly yesterday held a meeting to review the draft amended Law on Anti-Money Laundering (AML).


EVFTA Underpins Continued Growth Of Vietnam's Technology Market

Changes in consumer behaviour and market trends over the past years have forced us to rethink the role of technology.


Vietnam's State Bank Loans Made To Non-Banking Credit Institutions

Non-banking credit institutions ("NBCIs") are able to pledge their valuable papers to obtain loans secured by the State Bank of Vietnam ("SBVN Secured Loans") without the Prime Minister's approval. This change took place in October 2011 and the arrangement has remained more or less unchanged since then. It will be useful to review this simple but very important framework.


Port of Sines studies renewable gas terminal

Improving the conditions of the "jetty" to receive renewable gases such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or hydrogen and green ammonia is part of the Activities Plan of that port infrastructure.


Vietnam rises as a prominent player amid the global chip race

Leading semiconductor manufacturers are increasingly expanding their operations in Vietnam as a global race heats up.


[what you need to know] About Administrative Violations Against Planning And Investment Regulations

Decree 122 clarifies the definition of organization, and imposes higher administrative penalties for many violations covered by it. It also adds a new sanction for the over-declaration of the charter capital.


Learn Center - Virtual Depository Information

CCIPV website has a dedicated page here with several documents related to different matters of business in Europe, Asia and in particular Vietnam and Portugal. It is a collection of free and public information from third parties.

Here are the latest documents:

Administrative Actions in South-East Asia-South-East Asia IP SME helpdesk-2022


CCIPV has at your disposal a free service of 30 minutes talk about the Vietnamese and Portuguese market, provided by a qualified and bilingual team of Portuguese and Vietnamese with extensive professional experience in several countries. Take the opportunity to use the below free of charges services.


Dual Membership With a strong component to support companies in their internationalization, the CCIPV team has been part of the process of operations in a market, whose full potential remains to be explored. CCIPV has the knowledge, contacts, and resources to support the internationalization of your business, both in Vietnam and Portugal. ALL MEMBERS OF CCIPV ARE AUTOMATICALLY MEMBERS OF EUROCHAM VIETNAM



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