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Our Services

CCIPV has at disposal a wide range of specific and differentiated services, provided by a qualified and bilingual team of Portuguese and Vietnamese team with extensive professional experience in several countries

CCIPV is the only Chamber of Commerce Portugal-Vietnam established, capable of representing Portuguese companies in Vietnam and vice-versa. It has, thus, an objective to develop and strengthen the bilateral economic, commercial, industrial and cultural relations between both countries, on a mutual benefit basis.


Considering the privileged relations that this Chamber has with the Official and Institutional Entities, economic groups, and the liaison with the private sector of both countries, the CCIPV is a vital partner for entering these economies and can provide unparalleled support to companies and individuals of both nationalities wishing to enter these two markets, which at present correspond to a total of over 100 million consumers.


As an enabler of bilateral relations between Portugal and Vietnam, CCIPV provides its Members access to a set of privileged information and enjoyment of free or preferential advantages in the services provided. CCIPV has the skills, knowledge, contacts, and resources to support the development of your business and to put you in touch with the right opportunities.

All service fees are dependent on requirements and are exclusive of associated costs. The availability of the services listed below is dependent on our current obligations and duties. We strongly advise membership in order to benefit from multiple discounts on service fees and charges.


The internationalization of companies always starts with companies themselves and with what they want, but it can be promoted through public and private services. The CCIPV supports and encourages companies to internationalize. Learn more here.


Our market research services help businesses identify growth opportunities and build a competitive strategy based on a deep understanding of customers and the overall marketplace. Our market research consulting involves the application of the right methodologies across primary and secondary sources to gather market intelligence. 


Business matchmaking services help the companies identify and connect with local partners in international markets. Factors influencing the choice of the ideal local partner varies, however they may share common business interests with the foreign company, offer complementary expertise and services, and/or provide key technology. 


Mediation is a structured negotiation process where the parties in a dispute voluntarily meet to discuss their dispute with the help of an independent mediator. During mediation, parties are encouraged to identify and explore options to resolve their dispute. 


We organize Trade Missions to Portugal and Vietnam. Companies are able to travel in groups or in a customized mission. The Trade Missions aims to meet potential buyers or agents, participate in site visits and any networking receptions. Potential buyers, agents, distributors, and joint venture partners are often sourced prior to each Mission, providing delegates with the best opportunity of building profitable business relationships.


On behalf of our Clients/Members, CCIPV supports all required logistics for international exhibitions in Portugal and Vietnam. Also, we do represent Companies in the Trade Shows assisting in planning, marketing, design, and promotional staff for Companies' booths. 


CCIPV provides professional translation services from Portuguese to Vietnamese to English and vice-versa. Simultaneous interpretation is available especially upon negotiation between companies. 


With an extensive network and several partnership agreements, CCIPV provides management consulting in Legal and Fiscal matters.


Our team is experienced in doing logistic support and advice on the local market and provides key information regarding the logistics service providers as well as transportation regulations for informed decision making.


In conjunction with EuroCham Vietnam, CCIPV makes sure that your views and opinions are being heard and listened to. Learn more here.

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