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Lisbon one of the best university cities in the world

Lisbon has been ranked as one of the top places to study at university in the world.


In previous editions, The Portugal News published a story about The Campus Advisor: an online platform that worked as TripAdvisor, but for universities. On the platform, students or former students may review the university they studied, in to help new students choose in which university they want to matriculate.

The Portugal News was sent a press release informing that, in the overall ranking of the website, Lisbon occupies the 12th position as the best student city in the world. To collect the data for the raking, the site collected “ratings and reviews for over 2,500 cities around the world.” Those who reviewed any university rated six categories from one to five stars: student friendliness; cost of living; nightlife; public transport; amenities and safety.

The highest category for Lisbon was “student friendliness”, scoring 4.82 out of five stars, meaning that students found the academic life enjoyable as well as it easier to make new friends during graduation time. The lowest scores were on the “cost of living” and “public transport”, counting 3.9 and 3.86 respectively.

A 100 percent of the reviews mentioned Lisbon as a city with a “good variety of bars and clubs” and a city with a “diverse student population.” The capital of Portugal was also highlighted for the “options for eating out” and the diversity of “cultural experiences.” However, only half of the reviewers think that Lisbon offers enough jobs for students.



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