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Lisbon one of the healthiest cities to live in 2022

Portuguese cities are once again shining in the international rankings, this time for being some of the healthiest places to live in the world.


According to a ranking by the British website Money, Lisbon has been ranked as the 4th healthiest city to live in 2022, with Porto coming in 14th position. The study by the British website, which publishes the “Healthiest Places to Live Index” every year, looks at factors including average life expectancy, air pollution, obesity rates, safety, and the number of hours of sunlight in each location. However, this year the study also took into account factors that have gained preponderance since the beginning of the pandemic.

For the 2022 edition, they evaluated metrics such as medical care, number of nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, and psychologists in each country per 100,000 inhabitants. The study also looked at the prevalence of mental health disorders and substance use and overall health expenditure.

The study states that Lisbon has “2,806 hours of sunlight, helping citizens to absorb the all-important vitamin D, great health care and promotes some of the healthiest lifestyle habits, with lots of outdoor spaces to exercise”. First place in the ranking belongs to Valencia, followed by Madrid, both in neighboring Spain. The third position is occupied by Canberra, Australia.

After Lisbon, in fourth place, appears Tokyo (5th), in Japan, Zurich (6th), in Switzerland, Vienna (7th), in Austria, Chiang Mai (8th), in Thailand, Adelaide (9th), in Australia, and Ljubljana (10th), in Slovenia.



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