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Shipping Containers


International activities are an integral part of almost any economic activity, whether in sales, purchasing or cooperation.

In this context, Vietnam and Portugal are the destinations of choice for these activities, covering a complex and competitive market of over 110 million potential consumers.

If your goal is to enter the Portuguese or Vietnamese market, whatever the internationalization strategy, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal-Vietnam can support you.

With a modular support service that covers all the steps inherent in an internationalization process, but at the same time is adaptable to the reality of each company with the possibility of providing support for each individual step, CCIPV is able to provide a one-stop approach success to both markets.



Strategy Formulation


Included Services

Access to reliable and quality information in the face of each company's specific market reality and the definition of an appropriate action plan to make the right decisions and make the most out of existing opportunities is critical to this process. Thus, this service consists of 4 phases, which can be contracted by modules or in their entirety. This process is tailored to the needs of each company, providing an individualized approach, yet covering all the fundamentals of a successful internationalization plan.

It consists of an analysis of the target market (Portugal or Vietnam) with relevant macro and microeconomic data and SWOT analysis, exposing and leveraging the company's strengths and weaknesses, as well as market opportunities and threats.




This module intends to define the general lines of action and concrete repercussive actions, within the scope of the members' competencies and competitive advantages, as well as the opportunities and threats that the market presents.

With our experience, bilingual staff, and privileged access to various Portuguese, Vietnamese and European entities, we begin implementing the Associate's entry into the market, mitigating the traditional intrinsic obstacles to this type of operations

Thus, these four phases are composed of the following services:

1. Creation of customized export support strategies.

2. Preparation of market studies.


3. Research of partner companies (importers, distributors, retailers, industries, consultants) and meeting scheduling (with the possibility of representation).


4. Logistic support in the international transport of goods.

5. Disclosure of business opportunities.


6. Support in contact with Official Authorities.


7. Support in establishing partnerships with institutions.

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