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[what you need to know] E-visa tips for foreigners wanting to visit Vietnam

With Vietnam reopening its borders after more than two years and lifting most Covid restrictions, here are some tips for foreigners on getting electronic visas for smooth entry.


Right now, Vietnam is only offering a 30-day single-entry e-visa service for citizens from 80 countries and territories, Portugal included.

Among the main eligibility conditions for the e-visa is a passport with six months' validity; a photo in .jpg format of the full passport data page; a passport photo in .jpg format; and a valid international credit or debit card.

In order to apply for the e-visa, the first step is to visit the official website for Vietnam's e-visa application here and complete an online form. The form has to be filled with required information from the passport data page and the .jpg images of the page and passport photo have to be uploaded. All information regarding the trip, including intended date of entry, intended length of stay in Vietnam, intended port of entry and departure and intended temporary residential address in Vietnam will have to be filled in. After completing the form and submitting it to the Vietnam Immigration Department, the applicant will receive a verification code, after which $25 has to be paid as e-visa fees.

It takes three working days for the visa to be issued. The visa status can be checked here after entering the registration code, email, and date of birth.

Once the visa is issued, the .pdf file can be downloaded and printed. It is advisable to have two printed copies when travelling.

The e-visa is valid for entry at any of 28 international checkpoints in Vietnam, including eight international airports.

Source: CCIPV / VN Express International


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