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Vietnam: Both FDI inflows and disbursement raising


According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment's Foreign Investment Agency, during the period, the total registered FDI inflows stood at almost $25.7 billion, up 14.7 per cent on-year, while $18 billion was disbursed, a rise of 2.4 per cent.

There were 2,608 newly registered projects with a combined capital of $15.29 billion, up 66.1 per cent in the number of projects and 54 per cent in capital compared to the same period last year. The value of capital contribution and share purchase deals rose by 35.4 per cent to $5.13 billion.

In contrast with the growth, $5.33 billion (down 39 per cent on-year) was added to 1,051 existing projects (the number of projects receiving additions was up 19.4 per cent).

The manufacturing and processing sector led in terms of FDI attraction with $18.84 billion, capturing 72.1 per cent of the total registered FDI inflows and raising by almost 46 per cent on-year. It was followed by real estate with $2.14 billion, finance and banking with $1.54 billion, and wholesale and retail with $907 million.

From January to September, there were 108 countries and territories pouring capital into Vietnam, of which Singapore topped the list with $4.65 billion, providing 18 per cent of the total. It was followed by South Korea with $3.93 billion and Hong Kong with $3.54 billion.

Those investors transferred capital into 55 provinces and cities over the period. Quang Ninh led with $3.09 billion, making up 12 per cent of the total and up 41.3 per cent on-year. Haiphong came second with over $2.8 billion, 2.14-fold higher than the same period last year. They were followed by Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bac Giang.

The export value of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) (including crude oil) was estimated at nearly $214 billion, down 8.2 per cent on-year, or $212.5 billion (excluding crude oil), capturing 73 per cent of the total but down more than 8 per cent on-year.

The import value of FIEs was nearly $172.34 billion, down almost 13 per cent on-year and accounting for 64.4 per cent of the total. The trade surplus of FIEs in the first ten months stood at $41.6 billion (including crude oil) or $40.17 billion (excluding crude oil), while local businesses reported a trade deficit of $18.46 billion.

Accumulated to October 20, there were 38,622 valid projects with a total registered investment of $460 billion and the disbursed capital reached $292 billion.

Source: CCIPV / VIR



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