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Regulations for travelers entering Vietnam

On December the 16th, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued a very important official letter to adapt the regulations for travelers entering Vietnam.


Currently (by the end of December 15, 2021), Vietnam's Covid 19 vaccination rate has reached a high level (the percentage of people aged 18 and older receiving one dose of vaccine is 96.4% and two full vaccinations are 76.5%).

According to the direction of the Prime Minister, 100% of vaccinations for people aged 18 years and older must be basically completed by 31/12/2021 and at the same time speed up the vaccination schedule for children.

To implement:

  • Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP (11 Oct 2021) by the Government temporarily regulating "Safely adapting, flexibly, effectively controlling the COVID-19 epidemic";

  • Official Dispatch No. 7581/VPCP-KGVX (19 Oct 2021) by the Office of the Government informing the direction made by The Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam;

  • Official Letter No. 7937/VPCP-QHQT (29 Oct 2021) by the Office of the Government on the application of the "Vaccine Passport" and measures to create favorable conditions for foreign experts to enter to serve economic development target;

  • Notice No. 334/TB-VPCP (10 Dec 2021) by the Office of the Government announcing the conclusion of The Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh on the plan to restore commercial and international flights;

The Ministry of Health (Standing Body of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control) guides the implementation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures for people entering Vietnam, which you can view in full as follows:

*(except for those entering Vietnam for short-term work and other entry cases as prescribed by the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 epidemic Prevention and Control and the Ministry of Health or with a bilateral cooperation agreement).

Source: CCIPV / EuroCham Vietnam


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