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New Douro passport to promote tourism

The Douro Intermunicipal Community (CIM Douro) created the Douro Passport to promote the 19 associated municipalities and show a territory “which stands out for its diversity”, said the vice president.


“This is a work in the community and an effort that CIM Douro has made to look at a territory that is attractive in itself, Douro, and give it something more, something bigger", highlighted the vice president of CIM Douro, Nuno Gonçalves.

The Mayor of Torre de Moncorvo also recalled that, with a total of 19 municipalities distributed in the districts of Bragança, Vila Real, Guarda and Viseu, CIM Douro allows for a “diversity” of tourist offerings. “There are several opportunities to visit not only the Douro Wine Region, but also places known for their almonds, chestnuts, sparkling wine or olive oil. What we have in common is this river, which, despite separating banks, unites us as a heritage”, he underlined, reinforcing the “opportunity to also get to know the great quality architectural, historical and gastronomic heritage of the region ”.

The Douro Passport, which will have the slogan "Discover and live a unique experience!", was presented on 29 July at the Douro Museum, in Peso da Régua, a ceremony attended by the president of the Institute of Douro and Port Wines (IVDP) , Gilberto Igrejas, and the president of Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal, Luís Pedro Martins.

Visitors can get the Passport Douro at the interactive tourism shops in the 19 municipalities and start the “journey to discover” 76 points of interest in this geographical area of ​​more than four thousand square kilometres that is the CIM Douro, explained the organisation in a statement.

“When passing through each of the points of interest, the tourist stamps the Passport and when he completes his journey through the CIM Douro territory, he will receive a certificate of excellence and an exclusive offer from the Douro and Port Wine Institute. To help visitors, an application is available that contains promotional videos of the points of interest indicated by each municipality”, it can be read.

Nuno Gonçalves also stressed that this project is “an affirmation of the region as a whole” and an “attempt to get more tourist flow” from the coast to the interior and that “already seeks the Douro brand”.

“We don't want the mass tourist. Those who come, come to see the region, its endogenous products”, he stressed.

CIM Douro includes the municipalities of Alijó, Armamar, Carrazeda de Ansiães, Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Lamego, Mesão Frio, Moimenta da Beira, Murça, Penedono, Peso da Régua, Sabrosa, Santa Marta de Penaguião, São João da Pesqueira, Sernancelhe, Tabuaço, Tarouca, Torre de Moncorvo, Vila Nova de Foz Coa and Vila Real.

Source: TPN/Lusa


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