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[Members’ Update] S+A Architects won Best Architecture Design Award at VMARK 2022

S+A Architects was announced as the winner of the Best Architecture Design Award at VMARK – Vietnam Design Week 2022. Presented by S+A Founder and CCIPV Chairman Sérgio Silva, the design project for the new Vietcombank HCMC Head Quarter outshined many other great ideas to win first place!

Elegantly resides by the Saigon River bank, the new building design offers a unique and modern approach to the traditional Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank), while retaining its brand identity & recognition

S+A psychology when design this building was: ”the Pandemic has made clear the value of human interaction and how crucial the places where we socialize have become. Creating a built environment that drives us to leave our homes requires a more holistic design approach focused on people’s experiences. Design must understand what drives behaviour, promotes human interaction and optimizes efficiency. It needs to generate shared spaces of urban and social gathering with a clear responsibility towards the society as a greater whole.”




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