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Join CCIPV and EuroCham at GEFE 2022

Reserve your GEFE passes with CCIPV for a special 50% discounts on all prices today. Attend the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition 2022


As you may know already, our Portuguese Chamber is affiliated to EuroCham – The European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

We are happy to share with you the full information about EuroCham’s prominent upcoming event, GEFE 2022 – Green Economy Forum and Exhibition.

We naturally thought you might be interested in visiting the exhibition and attending some of the very high level conferences organized over the 3 days.

The number, the quality and the expertise of the speakers are absolutely amazing !

We would also strongly recommend sending some of your Directors, Managers and Heads of Departments, as this is truly a unique opportunity for them to increase their knowledge and awareness on topics absolutely essential nowadays to manage any team and run any business.

As EuroCham and us committed to making the event accessible to everybody, these offered prices to attend are extremely affordable,

We give a 50% discount on the current 1-day and 3-days passes. Here are the updated prices:

  • One-Day GEFE Pass - Originally 2,300,000 VND, now 1,150,000 VND for our members. Includes conference and exhibition access for one day.

  • Three-Day GEFE Pass - Originally 4,600,000 VND, now 2,300,000 VND for our members. Includes conference and exhibition access for three days.

- Date: 28, 29 and 30 of November 2022

- Location: THISO SkyHall - 10 Mai Chi Tho - District 2 - Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

- Register and buy your daily passes with us by contacting:

o Ms Lan Phan

o Phone: 0772 950 183

Source: CCIPV / EuroCham Vietnam


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