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Cork from Corticeira Amorim used in the new MINI Strip

Integrated within the top of the car’s dashboard, sun visors and doors, cork is a natural raw material which helps reduce the environmental footprint of the German manufacturer's custom-made one-off car, (co-)created by the British designer, Paul Smith. The raw material is supplied by Amorim Cork Composites, and brings comfort, impermeability, thermal and acoustic insulation, anti-vibration and other valuable attributes to the MINI Strip.


Moulding techniques have made it possible to take advantage of cork’s natural characteristics, such as lightness, elasticity and softness to the touch, thereby endowing a feeling of well-being, natural beauty and comfort to the car. Given cork’s resilience, compressibility and resistance to friction this unique solution can withstand the demands of everyday life - whether for daily use, sports driving or catering to different road surfaces.

Photos: BMW Group

Corticeira Amorim’s Chairman and CEO, António Rios de Amorim, reveals that “the use of cork in an iconic car model such as the Mini reflects a core premise of change in the mobility sector, that is already well underway. This is a paradigm shift of which Corticeira Amorim forms an integral part... Cork is such an exceptional raw material by nature that it may seem impossible to improve it. But that is precisely what Corticeira Amorim has achieved over the last 150 years, through structured innovation programmes, making a firm commitment to differentiation based on cork’s unique qualities. Our company is making an unparalleled contribution in the cork sector to reinvention of this unique natural material”.

The integration of cork in the interior of the new MINI Strip is yet another achievement, in line with Corticeira Amorim's mission: to add value to cork in a competitive, differentiated and innovative manner, in perfect harmony with Nature. In other words, to promote the development of sustainable products, practices and solution, while satisfying consumer needs, anticipating market trends, and exceeding the expectations of some of the world’s most technological, disruptive and demanding business activities.

Source: CCIPV / Corticeira Amorim


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