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CCIPV joined Roadshow promotes European tourist destination in Vietnam

Friday - 2 Dec 2022, CCIPV Chairman Sergio D. Silva joined the “European Destination Promotion South East Asia Roadshow In Vietnam” - hosted by HiSEAS Vietnam.


According to research by the European Tourism Commission, Europe remains the most attractive of the long-distance destinations for Asian tourists. Along with the rapid growth in the number of Vietnamese tourists to Europe, the market expects Vietnamese tourists to be able to explore other destinations here.

Therefore, in order to meet this demand, “Roadshow promoting the destination of Europe 2022 in Southeast Asia in Vietnam” organized by HiSeas Group, invited guests from Portugal and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. to share the latest destination information with Vietnamese travel agencies. The event had the presence of Mr. Olivier Do Ngoc, Honorary Consul of the Principality of Luxembourg in Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. Afonso Vieira, Honorary Consul of Portugal in Ho Chi Minh City and Mr. Miguel Moraes, Director of Commercial Marketing, National Tourism Administration of Portugal – Turismo de Portugal…

At the event, the guests also mentioned an attractive destination in Europe, which is Portugal. Portugal and Vietnam have a 500-year national friendship. The two countries share many common cultures such as family values, social culture and cuisine. Afonso Vieira, Honorary Consul of Portugal in Ho Chi Minh City, said that tourism is still the main driving force to connect people, despite the geographical distance.

The peaceful, honest an romantic country of Portugal was introduced in detail in the event by Mr. Miguel Moraes, director of commercial marketing at the National Tourism Administration of Portugal – Turismo de Portugal. historical, cultural and artistic properties, famous architectural works to natural “paradise”. Mr. Moraes has brought to the travel experts the latest information about the destination that is well received by world travelers. At the same time, he also invited Vietnamese tourists to visit Portugal to discover the wonders of tourism culture there.



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