Law on urban development is a must

Atualizado: 16 de Abr de 2018

Lack of consistency, adequacy and comprehensiveness of legal provisions on urban development poses an urgent need to formulate the Law on Urban Development Management.

During their discussion yesterday, the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee members agreed the importance of the legal document for an overall adjustment of urban development in Vietnam to ensure sustainability.

After 30 years of đổi mới (renewal), the country’s urbanisation has reportedly done well with the national industrialisation and modernisation cause. The number of urban areas increased from 629 in 1999 to 813 in 2017 with HCM City and Hà Nội being recognised as special areas. Together with fortified technical and social infrastructure, urban areas have dominated the share of gross domestic product and a number of key development norms, making marked contributions to the socio-economic development of regions and the country as a whole.

Minister of Construction Phạm Hồng Hà said the urbanisation revealed shortcomings such as inconsistency, inadequacy, and incomprehensiveness related to legal provisions on urban development. “The law aims to perfect the system of legal tools for effective management of urban development in line with the national socio-economic development to promote a quality living environment, and effective use of natural resources and response to climate change to increase urban areas’ competitiveness for economic growth in regions and the whole country,” said Hà.

The draft law on urban development consists of seven chapters with 66 articles, stipulating the management of an urban system; development of urban areas as planned; investment for urban development; financial resources for urban development; State management and the involvement of organisations and individuals in urban development. Once it’s put into effect, the law will be applicable to domestic agencies, organisations and individuals; and foreign organisations and individuals involved in urban development.

Head of the NA’s Judicial Committee Lê Thị Nga said the law is related to many other laws, so it is necessary that the compiling body to make a detailed report on related laws as well as effects of the law once it is passed. Other deputies said the law must ensure improved efficiency and effectiveness of State management on urban development through clearly defining the rights and responsibility of State management bodies from central to local levels; parties involved in the formulation of urban development strategies, plans, and programmes and in the investment for urban development. They also called for the completion of mechanisms facilitating the public to make investment into urban development projects.

Head of the NA’s Board for Deputy Affairs Trần Văn Túy said the draft law should include specific regulations on which projects must be built underground as well as regulations on the use of underground space. Head of the NA’s Finance and Budget Committee Nguyễn Đức Hải said the draft law should detail regulations on compensation and land clearance for urban development to limit claims and appeals related to land retrieve.

NA General Secretary Nguyễn Hạnh Phúc raised a number of issues excluded from the draft law such as the management and development of urban transport, development of public places, urban renovation, public hygiene, waste treatment, management of street names, and house numbers.

Source: Vietnam News

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